It is the mission of Campana Resources, to provide excellent customer service and client representation through transaction and asset management of high quality professional real estate services to the property buying, selling and real estate investing public.

About Campana Resources
Campana Resources was founded in 2007 as a professional service firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management. With ongoing asset management, we're in business to create and deliver real value for clients from first contact to closing.

Through professional consulting, Campana acts on your party’s behalf to negotiate contractual agreements. Consulting begins with reporting descriptions, inspections, abstract of title, financials, acquisition and construction opportunities so each party can transfer a deed or complete a lease agreement.

Every day, within the Texas and greater Southwest, we apply our knowledge, expertise and resources to help clients decide on investments with assurance and ease. Through strong client relationships we complete successful projects across a wide range of markets and real estate service lines.

We deliver integrated commercial real estate services built on insight and foresight, sound market research and pertinent knowledge. Our commitment to business success goes beyond the bottom line. Campana Resources has a vast network of business relationships which brings opportunities for clients to grow their real estate investment portfolio and do business with first-rate services. As risk shifts between parties in transactions, Campana uses various techniques to address and mitigate transaction risk. New and unexpected issues often arise on the path to closing which requires creative problem-solving and often further negotiations. Obstacles can occur and are typical when delivering space, and custom solutions are often required to accommodate all concerned parties so the transaction can proceed to closing.

Campana is prepared to act on your behalf to maneuver through obstacles and natural factories within negotiations and transactions. We provide an understanding of impact and follow through the legitimate needs of each party affected to find a solution.

In addition to minimizing risk and boosting the credibility of your company, Campana is here to help with financial, market, and investment analyses to negotiate and ensure closure of more deals.

At Campana, we attract diverse people in our industry, who develop enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust.

We believe relationships founded on integrity and mutual respect yield the most success. Our values of loyalty, creativity, and comprehensive resources have become the most important part of our business and are testimony to our professional service. We stake our reputation on realizing these values on a day to day basis.

With our offices throughout Texas our people serve the local and regional real estate needs of corporates and investors in more communities. They deliver integrated commercial real estate services built on insight and foresight, sound market research and relevant knowledge.