It is the mission of Campana Resources, to profitably and ethically provide high quality professional real estate services to the property buying, selling and real estate investing public.

For Developers
Project and Development Services
We manage the design and construction of corporate real estate projects from beginning to end, handling all the details so you don’t have to. We'll make sure your project is on time and on budget with ease and perfection.

Campana Resources works with communities, developers, design firms and retailers to create retail environments that are custom-tailored to their markets and consumers.

For Investors
Investment Objective
Campana Resources has the strength to survive the booms and busts of traditional real estate market cycles. The flexibility to act quickly and maximize returns is part of our strategic outlook. We maintain a strong balance sheet, and using debt to enhance yield only when appropriate. Our long-term objectives allow us to pursue projects despite the market cycle.

Investment Range
$1 to $5 Million in Equity

Return Target
15% - 20% IRR

Investment Period
5 - 7 years

Product Type
Medical Office

Investment Focus
Distressed Opportunities
Off Market
Below Replacement Cost
Strategic Relationship

Geographic Areas of Interest
Other Appropriate Markets