Through strategic real estate planning and management, Campana Resources can help your business or investments find convenient and opportune spaces.

Business and Economic Incentives
Turn real estate into real value. If you’re looking to renegotiate, relocate, or grow, we can help you find business and economic incentives. Campana works with clients to identify, negotiate and secure economic development, tax and other incentives for your business.

Sustainability Services
Campana Resources encourages its clients to implement energy efficient, economic alternatives when developing or leasing. We are dedicated to helping your business become more sustainable, use less energy, and reduce real estate costs. By introducing developers and investors to accredited professionals, Campana can help clients realize the potential of green space within existing building standards.

Campana’s team will work with you to establish real estate strategies that turn your real estate into a value instead of an expenditure by optimizing your portfolio through research, location strategy and workspace planning. We’re here to help you connect with a real estate consultant.

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Lease Administration
Once a lease is in place, we continue to help manage and monitor rental payments, coordinate any tenant alterations, and handle lease amendments when necessary. Within a real estate portfolio, the careful organization and management of reviewing, abstracting, accounting, and processing becomes an integral part of the process and we are there to make sure everything flows smoothly.

Occupancy Planning
Workplace strategy is important to implement within a set of sound real estate planning principles and occupancy planning will help effectively stage growth for your real estate portfolio and business goals. Our strategic management will unearth new opportunities through data driven research.

Energy Services

  • Reduce ongoing energy costs to increase the value of your space
  • Sustainability Management
  • Integrated Energy Retrofits
  • Existing Building Commissioning
  • Energy Assessments and Commodity Procurement
  • Solar Power Solutions

Transaction Management
Campana Resources provides transparency of work being performed by third party service providers and internal staff to clientele during a transaction period. We believe this improves broker results, client lease terms, conditions and rates. This will provide increased flexibility to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. Campana streamlines the acquisition, financing, and disposition including purchase, sale, lease and sub-lease of key real estate assets.

Demonstrate successful real estate negotiation skills…negotiate contracts and leases from the real state perspective including strategy development, financial analysis… term negotiation… legal review…developing growth strategies for specific markets… involvement in construction process to deliver… project development of buildings…

Find a property for a client take it to the Title company which will run a search with the history of the property and different owners, they’ll receive the earnest money- hold it until make agreement period… understanding of abstract and title history of property and ownership.

Project and Development Services
We manage the design and construction of corporate real estate projects from beginning to end, handling all the details so you don’t have to. We'll make sure your project is on time and on budget with ease and perfection.

Tenant Representation
The tenant representative role is an evolving component to identifying corporate and small business clients’ space. Relocation specialists will focus on searching for locations that not only fit the client’s needs, but also provide a safe and accessible locale that will benefit employees. Knowing the market conditions and the area’s landlord pool provide these businesses with a representative who can negotiate the lease that will be a win-win for both tenant and landlord.

For Developers
Project and Development Services
We manage the design and construction of corporate real estate projects from beginning to end, handling all the details so you don’t have to. We'll make sure your project is on time and on budget with ease and perfection.

Campana Resources works with communities, developers, design firms and retailers to create retail environments that are custom-tailored to their markets and consumers.

For Investors
Investment Objective
Campana Resources has the strength to survive the booms and busts of traditional real estate market cycles. The flexibility to act quickly and maximize returns is part of our strategic outlook. We maintain a strong balance sheet, and using debt to enhance yield only when appropriate. Our long-term objectives allow us to pursue projects despite the market cycle.

Product Type
Medical Office

Investment Focus
Distressed Opportunities
Off Market
Below Replacement Cost
Strategic Relationship

Geographic Areas of Interest
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